Book Review || How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh

My Rating – 4.5/5

A guide to conquering life. Success and happiness require real effort, dedication and determination. In Lilly’s world there are no escalators, only stairs. Get ready to climb”

I have been a fan of Superwoman a.k.a Lilly Singh for the past four or five years now. I was introduced to her videos through a friend and have been hooked ever since. When she said that she was writing a book I knew I had to get a copy for myself and kept watching her vlogs for regular updates. She is such an inspiration to me and to many around the world.

Coming to the book, just like her videos on YouTube it is funny and inspiring. Written in first person you tend to read it in Lilly’s voice. There are 50 chapters, each around three or four pages long and these cover various things that we all feel in life. The most recurring theme in the book is to be confident in yourself and love yourself no matter what. It is written in such a way that you can pick up the book and read any chapter, whichever you need to read the most at the moment and if needed, you may catch yourself re-reading chapters again and again.

How to be a BAWSE is blunt and straightforward. You hear what needs to be heard and Lilly hasn’t sugar-coated anything. Which is needed when it comes to a self help guide to life. She has covered topics ranging from relationships to workplace situations, personal goals and everything in between!

The book is colorful and the font is big enough for you to read without tiring your eyes. I would not recommend for the reader to rush through the book or to binge read. It is a self help book so it needs to be read in a self paced manner in order for you to make the most of it. If you have been a fan of her and are following her on Youtube then get this book!! Even if you aren’t a fan and haven’t heard of her I’d still recommend this book. It is for everybody and is an enjoyable read.

About the Book

Published By: Penguin UK
No. of Pages: 304 page
Genre: Non-Fiction, Humor, Autobiography

About the Author

Lilly Singh is an award-winning Canadian YouTuber. Better known as “Superwoman”, she has over two billion views and 13 million subscribers. Her videos range from comedy to inspirational. In 2017, she was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for her work in children’s rights.

If you liked my review, and if its got you interested in the book then you can purchase it here:
Amazon India
Amazon USA
Amazon UK

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Traditional Books vs. Ebooks: A Comparison

As all of you must know by now, I LOVE to read!! The whole point of me starting my first blog all those years ago was to show the world my love for reading. My favourite time in school was where I could spend my time in the library, just so I could go through the shelves and pick something to read. And trust me when I say I go wild in a bookstore, so many books, so many options to choose from and read but such a little time *sigh*. I have been a traditional book reader all my life and I could never imagine myself otherwise.

But with my love for reading comes a few problems as well, not only is it an expensive habit but I have started to run out of shelf space back home. There are literally books everywhere! There are books on the table, on top of cupboards, inside wardrobes and even on the floor in a few rooms. And as much as I would love to buy some more and increase my TBR, my house is saturated of shelving space. This necessity has made me turn to ebooks. Now, Ebooks are something of a technological marvel. With today’s tech you can have a huge novel on your phone or tablet with you at all times! Why carry a book with you when you can have it in your pocket instead? I’ve started to love reading digitally so much that I have finally talked myself into saving for a kindle by the end of this year.

So this got me thinking. What would be better? Reading a traditional book has it’s own charm whereas an ebook is convenient. After comparing the two I came up with the following points, both in favour and against traditional books and ebooks.

Traditional books, the pros are endless and this will always be my favourite. There is something about going book shopping in a bookstore, smelling the sweet fragrance of ink as you pick up a book from the shelf, holding it in your arms and gently flipping through the crisp pages of a brand new book. I don’t know what it is, but it gives me a strange sense of satisfaction. Anybody else?

Traditional Books make you “look smart”. Ever looked at someone looking into a tablet/smartphone and went “Wow! Don’t they look smart with that phone in their hands?” No, you haven’t. Nobody has, because this is something that I’m sure most of us do on a daily basis. But when you walk by someone reading a book, when you see someone holding a bunch of books, your mind immediately tells you that this is a smart person. Also, the thicker the book, the smarter you look and more curious reactions you will get from people.

Traditional books make beautiful backgrounds. You can decorate your house with them and show off your reading habit with pride! Books make a house look cosy and welcoming. Have an empty spot on a table? Fill it up with books and it won’t look so plain anymore. Bookshelves give a dull room a splash of colour and can brighten the darkest spot.

Traditional Books can be used in many other useful ways. Loose paper? Use a book as a paperweight. Need to prop something higher? Put it on a pile of books! Want to watch something on your phone but don’t want to keep holding it? Lean it on a book and sit back.

I guess the only three cons of a traditional book that I have are one, they are expensive! Any bookworm on a budget will know what I mean when I say books are expensive. All the more if it’s a first edition or hardback. Two, it takes up a lot of room in storage. Proper care and storage is needed if you want to preserve the books you have. Being natural, they are perishable and the slightest dampness and mould can destroy even the toughest of books. Lastly, books are made from paper, which is derived from trees. With the way we are going now, we need those trees to preserve the environment more than we need those books. This can be solved with recycling but still it is a problem.

Coming to ebooks, there are many good things about this platform and with how technology is getting more and more included in our daily lives, I’m pretty sure there will come a day when everything will go digital and there won’t be any traditional books left! Depending on the size of the ebook and the storage of your device you can have hundreds of books at your fingertips. Not only does this solve the issue of running out of storage space but it gives you a lot of material anytime you want it.

Comparatively, Ebooks are cheaper to buy. Most online sites will sell the ebooks at a far lesser price than they would for the traditional book.

Ebooks can be read anywhere and at anytime. You don’t have to bother about there being less lighting or room to carry a book in your bag. It’s very convenient to read a book on the go when it’s in an ebook format.

Of course, you cannot decorate a room with an ebook, or use it as a prop and that does take away the usefulness a bit for me. Once the battery dies of your device you will need to put a halt to your reading until it is fully charged up again, but this does depend on the kind of device you use and is not really a fault of the ebook format so it can be excused. And unless you are used to reading from a digital device, reading for long hours at a stretch can lead to headaches and eye strain which can be avoided with regular breaks. Most Ebook readers are pretty much budget friendly these days but with basic features, if you want a good one then it may fall expensive, but then again, it is a one time investment. (As I write this section of my blog I realise that most of the cons are regarding the device and not the actual format of the book so I shall leave it here.)

At this point im pretty much undecided over which I prefer over the other. Have you tried other formats of reading?

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Book Review || The Sunlight Plane by Damini Kane

My Rating – 5/5

When Tharush meets Aakash his life changes forever. His new friend has scars and the truth behind it ties them in a secret that could slowly consume them both. 

The Sunlight Plane is the first novel by budding author Damini Kane. She has taken the day to day lives of a rich suburban family and put it down into a story that brings out many of the unseen problems that take place behind closed doors.

Told from the viewpoint of nine-year old Tharush, The Sunlight Plane isn’t your typical “growing up” story. It isn’t a happy story, it is the harsh truth that so many of us choose to ignore. It is the story of a nine year old whose world changes when he meets another nine-year old from a different background. It is a story of pure friendship between two boys who couldn’t have been more different and yet who are so similar in what they choose to face together. Tharush leads a happy protected life under the watchful eyes of his parents. Aakash on the other hand, knows perfectly how the world really is and is fully aware about how hard life can get. Beautifully written, each page blends into the next easily and is able to keep the reader hooked. The raw emotion on the pages draws the reader to the main characters.

Without giving too much away, the plot revolves around two boys, Tharush and Aakash. Tharush is a quiet kid who would rather spend the afternoon playing with his toy planes and making up imaginary stories than go out to mix with the other children of Reyna Heights. Aakash is the mysterious new kid in the upscale building and one summer afternoon the two form an unlikely friendship. As the months go by, both boys learn about the other and the secrets they carry along with them. When Tharush finds out about Aakash’s bruises he is torn between helping his friend and staying loyal to him and this toxic secret stays between them until its almost too late.

Midway through I got so consumed by the plot. I really wanted it to end well and it did. But not in the way you’d expect. The suspense is thrilling. The language is beautiful.

What has really drawn me to the book is the underlying story, things that we all know about but would rather not talk about. In the span of a few hundred pages, Damini has brought so many social issues to our focus. There are a bunch of serious topics like bullying and abuse that none of us would like to even think about, that we would want to forget. It is a reminder that things like these go on and most of the time right under our noses. And when it’s told from the viewpoint of a nine-year old she makes it really easy for us the understand the seriousness of it. Through the eyes of a child we see reality.

The Sunlight Plane has the makings of a bestseller and I would definitely recommend this to everybody.

About the Book

Published By: Authorpress India
No. of Pages: 311
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

About the Author

Damini Kane is a 23 year old author from Mumbai, India. She is one of the winners of the nation-wide talent hunt in the writing category and was named as one of “Campus Diaries 25 under 25”. Having an interest in writing since childhood, Damini has written numerous poems and stories over the years.

Did you like my review? The Sunlight Plane is available for purchase in USA and India. Find the links below:
Amazon India
Amazon USA

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5 Tips for New Bloggers

So you have decided to start your own blog? You’ve seen it all over the internet, maybe a friend of yours has one and you can’t wait to jump right in to it. Maybe you love writing about things, about your day or about the latest book you read over the weekend. The reasons for wanting or starting a blog are numerous but what so many new bloggers don’t know is the time and work that goes into making one.

When I first started out I had no idea about blogging. With years of practice (I first started out in 2011) and doing and undoing blogs, with trial and a lot of errors, here is a rundown of what I learnt.

1. Get the name right.

My first blogs name was “The Bookshelf”. I had started out with an idea of wanting to write book reviews. The idea was pretty simple and the name fit right. I’d read a book and write a review on it and post it online. It worked great until I wanted to expand my niche. I wanted to write about seminars and workshops I attended. I wanted to write inspirational and lifestyle articles. But once you name your blog specifically for one niche, it gets hard to break out of that and expand. It’s always important to name your blog something abstract, something that wouldn’t necessarily push you into one certain type of blog post. Having the name “My Entangled Words” helps me to write on anything without having the audience forming an opinion on what to expect from my blog.

Make the name unique and something that is personal to you. Your blog is a part of you on the internet. Don’t try to be something you are not just for the sake of a jazzy name.

Don’t know what to name your blog? There are many name generating websites available online that give out a host of names for your to choose on.

2. Content matters.

After everything is said and done, the only things that is going to get people to visit your blog is your content. Know what you want to write about. Have an idea about your target audience. What kind of writing style are you going to maintain? What tone do you want your blog to give to your audience?

Be original with your content. Plagiarism is something you definitely don’t want to be accused off. Write quality content that you will be proud off.

Use eye catching titles and pictures but no click-bait. Nobody likes click-bait. Use pictures that are relevant to what you are writing about. NEVER use pictures for which you do not have the copyright. I know it is very easy to pick a picture off google and put it in your blog, not only is this stealing somebody else’s work but can also get you into legal trouble. I usually get my photos from free image websites like Pexels.

3. Social Media

The only way people are going to visit your blog is if they know about it. When I first started out I never used social media as a marketing tool. I’d write something with full enthusiasm but nobody would visit. It was only much later when I realized that no one will automatically visit your site and I began marketing myself. Put that link everywhere.

My favorite social media to use is Twitter. With accounts that retweet and hashtags it is a pretty simple tool as long as you know how to word yourself. Instagram is another social media that comes in helpful in marketing. Be consistent and active on social media and gain a following. This guarantees a steady viewership for your blog posts.

4. Planning your blog posts.

There will come a time when you are full of ideas. Note these down in that moment of inspiration. This is will come in helpful when you go through the writers-block phase. Whenever I think of an idea I make a note of it on my phone because it’s usually forgotten in a few minutes. All blogging platforms have the option to schedule posts in advance, this makes blogging easier especially if you have a ton of ideas that you want to write about but don’t have the time. Need inspiration during writers-block? Check Pinterest and create a board only for your blog The website is full of ideas, tips and tricks to help you get better at blogging.

5. Do not do it for the money.

I know there are many bloggers who make money from their blogs through sponsored posts, advertisements or affiliate links. But these are experienced bloggers who know the game and who have been blogging for years. If you are brand new to blogging do not only join for the money. Chances are you won’t make a penny. It takes hard work and patience to build content that people would be ready to pay money for. Blog because it is a passion and on the way you might make a buck or two.

Enjoy your blog and welcome to the blogsphere. Why did you start blogging? Have you learnt anything new about blogging once you started? Lets learn form each other.

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Book Review || The Things We Learn When We’re Dead by Charlie Laidlaw

The Things We Learn When We're Dead Book Cover_Rocket Launch Illustration

My Rating – 4.5/5 Stars

Lorna Love is a promising Law student who’s life was brought to a halt in a road accident on the day of the London tube bombing. Heaven isn’t what she expected and the afterlife gives her a choice. But what will she choose?

I just finished reading this book and I cannot even begin to describe the emotions that are going through me right now. The Things We Learn When We’re Dead is my first author collaboration and I am so excited to be writing this review. The book isn’t what I am used to. Going through my past reviews you should know by now that I mostly read Historical Fiction so reading a book from another genre felt refreshingly different. A cross between science fiction and fantasy, the book is an amazing read and each page will keep you hooked onto the next.

The story begins with the untimely death of Lorna Love, our main character and takes place between flashbacks of her life on Earth and the afterlife. We see various moments in Lorna’s life as she grows up. We see her go through good memories and bad, and at the same time we get a peek into heaven and her life after once she’s dead. It is a story on friendship, on love and on life as a whole.

The Things We Learn When We’re Dead is a modern retelling of The Wizard of Oz. Lorna, just like Dorothy, finds herself in a new world faced with a choice. Should she choose Eternity? Or a second chance at life? A second chance to mend broken relationships and a second chance to look back and live life in a better manner.

What I really loved about the book is that it shows us how one person’s life, how the choices one person makes can impact everybody around them and makes you stop and think about your own. The book is an emotional roller coaster, one minute I was laughing at the absurdities of the afterlife and the next I was on the brink of tears when tragedy took place in the real life.
All in all, it is a brilliant thought-provoking book that I completely enjoyed. Would I recommend reading this? Of course!!

About the book
Published by: Accent Press UK
No. of Pages: 320
Genre: Fiction/ Science Fiction

About the Author
Charlie Laidlaw is a Scottish author. His other works include “The Herbal Detective” and “A Space Between Time” which releases June 20th 2019!!

Did my review get you interested this book? It is available for purchase on Amazon worldwide!
Buy it here
Amazon India
Amazon UK
Amazon USA
Amazon Australia

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23 Things I’ve Learned In 23 Years : A Birthday Blog Post Part 2


I started writing my previous post on my birthday only to realise that it was getting a bit too long for a single post and decided to split it into two parts. You can read part 1 of my birthday blog post here.

So coming back to my list of things that life has taught me these past few years.

13. Never take anything for granted.

People, situations and life may change suddenly. Never take what you have right now for granted. There are so many people out there who do not have what you do.

14. Be content.

Never think about what others have. To be happy, you need to be content with what you have. Envying and jealousy is just a down way spiral.

15. Social media can lie.

There are some who paint up their lives beautifully on social media. Hype it up and we look at that and wish for our lives to just as eventful. What we need to know is people only put up the things they want us to see.

16. Do not change yourself others.

Never ever change yourself in order to be accepted by someone you want to impress. Do not loose your originality because you want to “fit in”.

17. Spend money on things that matter.

Everyday we are fed advertisements that tell us what to buy and what to eat and where to go. When you first start earning you will be tempted to spend on impulses but don’t. Food, clothing and bills. This is what is a priority whether you live alone or not. This helps you live a better life.

18. Its okay to not work in your field of study.

I graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management and now work in Finance. Why? Because once I left the comfort of college I realised that the Hotel scene was not for me. It is okay to change your field of work if you aren’t comfortable doing it.

19. Its okay to not graduate “on time”

Sometimes things happen, you may have to repeat a year of college and graduate a year behind everybody else. And that okay! You may not even want to continue with your chosen stream in college and that is fine too. Find what you love and do it.

20. Adulting is beautiful but alarming.

Adulting. Will never get used to it but I love it in a way. Being old enough to be responsible for yourself is what being an adult is all about. Ofcourse, there are the bills that need paying and the food that needs cooking. But we aren’t children forever and someday we all need to grow up. Instead of complaining about being an adult and having to do all the work, look at the bright side of being an adult. And relax, no one can “adult” better than the other, we’re all still learning.

21. Never do anything for “the gram”.

Never NEVER do anything for social media if you can’t afford it. That is horrible finance management right there. If you can’t afford the daily coffee at a coffee shop but do it in order to keep up appearances then stop!

22. Before everything else take care of yourself.

Take care of yourself mentally, spiritually and physically. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you feel you need it. If you don’t want to do something then don’t until you’re ready. You will not enjoy life unless you are happy and well.

23. Be yourself.

Never be fake. Never be fake in order to impress people or get that job or to gain a larger following online. Be who you are. Because being yourself is everything that matters to anyone you meet. No one likes someone fake.

So here’s what I’ve learned over the years. And hope next year will be a good one.

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23 Things I’ve Learned In 23 Years : A Birthday Blog Post Part 1


Today was my birthday! 23 years alive on this planet. I’ve been an adult for 5 years now, still haven’t really gotten used to the “adulting” part of it yet. I’m still and will always be a kid at heart.

But being alive for so long has made me go through a lot of experiences. Some of which I wish I knew when I was younger. Would have saved me from a lot of heartache and wasted tears growing up.

Here’s what I’ve learned over time,

1. It’s okay to not have a “squad” of girlfriends.

The movies, the media, the magazines. Everything tells us that if we don’t have a squad of girlfriends to travel the world with then we’re doing something wrong. In my experience (and no offence intended) the more girlfriends you have, the more drama you open yourself up to. It’s completely okay to not have a bunch of girls hovering around you all the time.

2. It’s okay to not have a “best friend”

Let’s just say I have not been lucky in the “best friend” department. Wherever I’d look I’d see two young women who were inseparable and always had their backs which made me feel that I needed one too. But when you put in all your trust and emotions in one single person its calling for a disaster (unless the bond between the two of you is so strong to overcome everything. Then I really envy you). Whoever I’ve labelled my “best friend” has always turned out to be heartbreaking in the end. Makes me feel that it’s all overrated.

3. Time doesn’t mean you know a person.

Knowing someone for x number of years doesn’t mean you know them. Times change and so do people. We are all constantly changing and aren’t the same people we were a year ago. You might think you know someone just because you’ve known them since school but in the end you may get surprised.

4. Holding a grudge never works.

Grudges, we’ve all held one at some point of time in our lives. But there truly isn’t any point in doing it. I’ve realised the minute I forgive and let go of what has happened I feel better both physically and mentally.

5. Forgive, but never forget.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetfulness. Someone may do you wrong. Forgive them but don’t let yourself fall into the same situation again. Learn from it and build yourself up.

6. Above everything else there is family.

There is no bigger bond than that of family. Ever since my father passed away in 2008, it’s just been my mother, brother and I. We may have our disagreements now and then like every family does. But in the end we know who we can fall back on when we need help. Family is always there no matter what happens in your life.

7. Stay away from toxic people.

Sometimes you meet a person who was once close to you but has turned toxic. Stay away from such a person. No matter how much it may hurt, don’t waste your time and emotions on someone who is hurting you mentally.

8. It’s okay to take a break sometimes.

We all try to hustle harder every single day. Sometimes it’s okay to take a break if you aren’t feeling up to it. If you feel you need a break from a person, stay away. If work is stressing you out, take the day off. Taking a break rejuvenates the body in unspeakable ways.

9. Life may not turn out as you expect.

I would always try to map out my life. Making a plan made me feel I am in control. But that’s not how it works. Sometimes life has a way to change and move in ways you cannot understand but in the end everything has a purpose.

10. Everything happens for the best.

What I’ve noticed is things always happen for the best. You didn’t get the job you really wanted, but later on found out that if you did you’d have to move out of the country. You missed your bus to work, but if you did catch that bus you’d get stuck in a traffic jam for hours. We may not know it at the time, but whatever happens to us will always happen for a reason. We might not know that reason soon and it may take us years to find out. But every thing that happens, happens for the best.

11. Don’t live your life to please others.

Live your life and do things not because someone told you to, do it because you want to do it for yourself. Trust me, knowing you’re doing something because you wanted to makes all the difference.

12. Don’t care about what people think.

Trying to always be in everyone’s good books is a HUGE and tiring task. Instead, use that energy in doing what you love and never bother about what will people say. People will always talk, they have nothing else to do. Want to wear that dress? Wear it! Want to colour your hair a dramatic mermaid colour? Do it! Will the general public criticise you for it?They might. But if they do so what? Don’t let being afraid of what will people think about you prevent you from living your life!

(As I write this I realise it’s going to be a long post so I’ve decided to split it into two different posts. I’ll upload part 2 soon)

Do you agree with my thoughts so far? Have you learned any thing in your life that you wish you could tell your younger self?

3 Things I've Learned in 23 Years
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My Top 3 Tools for Blogging

It’s been a while since I first started blogging. My first blog was launched in 2012. Over time I have picked up a few tricks on how to manage my blog successfully. You can read about my blogging story where I talk about my journey on the platform.

Blogging is a great stress buster for me. Writing down my thoughts and talking about things that I like online makes me happy. But if not managed correctly blogging can get a bit boring and frustrating.

You might look at someones blog and wonder how did they get their blog looking in a certain way or how do they get good content to write about. Well, nothing good can get done without a little work put behind it right? And getting a blog post to look great is easy. All you need are the right tools.

Here are my top three tools that I use in my blogging.


Canva dash board

Canva is a great tool that can be used to create pictures for your blog. Its available both online and as a mobile app so it’s pretty accessible all the time. With pre set templates you can create different graphics for your blog and social media accounts. It’s really simple to use and can take a few minutes to create a design of your choice.


pinterest blog board

Pinterest is my go to site for research. If you ever need to read up on a certain topic you can find everything you need there. Blogging tips, photography tips, writing and editing tips, the website has it all. I spend most of my time browsing and pinning articles. The website is bursting with ideas that you can use on your blog.


keep notes google

Google Notes, Evernote or any Note taking app can be used to note down any idea you get for your blog. Sometimes when you are travelling or at work inspiration might strike. Being human, we mostly forget what we thought of earlier so use these apps to write it down as soon as you think of something.

I find noting down my ideas on my home extremely usefull as it gives me a list to look at during my writers vloc phase. I used to use my in built phone application to note down my ideas before I discovered Google notes. While you can use any note taking app to write down your ideas, I prefer to use this as it gets saved to my Google account. There is no chance of losing what you noted down earlier if you change your phone or reset it.

There are so many more tools available online to help you in your blogging. I hope this list helped you.

Tell me what tools do you use to make your blogging easier?

Top 3 blogging tools
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Book Review || As The Crow Flies by Jeffrey Archer

Charlie’s progress from the teeming streets of Whitechapel to the elegance of Chelsea Terrace is only a few miles as the crow flies, but his actual journey takes him much longer. A story of love, ambition and revenge through the triumphs and disasters of the century.

I remember receiving this book as a birthday present a few years ago from one of my best friends. I was the one who picked it out but never got to reading it. “As the crow flies” is written by Jeffrey Archer.

Set between the years 1900-1971 it follows Charlie on his journey to open the biggest barrow in the world. Truthfully speaking, I never expected the book to be so thrilling and entertaining. But Archer has his way in keeping the reader enthralled at every word and page. You never know what will happen next and there are bits and pieces that will surprise you now and then.

Coming to the story, As the Crow Flies begins when Charlie is a 5 year old boy. It then follows him through various stages in his life until he is a very rich and successful business man. Ending with him owning the largest set of shops in London. His journey towards his goal takes him through various relationships in his life, both the world wars and personal loss. It is a rags to riches story that is told through the point of view of all the main characters as the story progresses.

Jeffrey Archer describes the entire plot so well, he gives us an inside look into the cut-throat business of retail and luxury. I wouldn’t blame you if you felt inspired to open your own set of shops after reading this book.

Being a total of 596 pages, the book is an easy read. I would recommend it to any one who is interested in a new book.

Buy it in Amazon India

Buy it on Amazon UK

Buy it on Amazon USA

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child : The 8th Story



The world went into a frenzy when J.K Rowling announced an eighth story was in the works. As someone growing up during the Potter phenomenon, the news about Cursed Child was like music to my ears.

I had dreams that Rowling would release a series of books based on the next generation. I wanted to know how our favorite characters grew up. Then the news came that the eighth story would not be a book or a movie, but rather a play. A play that ran only in London and that I hope in the future would run worldwide.

NOTE: This post is going to contain minor spoilers. So proceed with caution. If you haven’t read the story yet then I advise you to stop right now. If you haven’t read it but still want to know about the plot then go ahead, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

There were a few reviews online that termed the “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” as a piece of fan-fiction. Or that the story wasn’t as interesting as the previous novels.Which is why we need to keep in mind that, J.K Rowling didn’t write it all by herself and that it is set as a play.

There were a few jumps between a few scenes, which as a reader of the script it could be hard to imagine the transition but apart from that the story is captivating and amazing.

Coming to how I got the book, I didn’t get the book as such. I was gifted the e-book by a friend. As someone who doesn’t really like reading e-books and who prefers the actual book it was going against everything that I believe a reading experience should be, but I was desperate to know the story and I read on. I found it more comfortable to read on my laptop rather on my smartphone. And trust me, reading it digitally was just as amazing.

Cursed child begins where Deathly Hallows ends, on platform 9 3/4. Harry and Ginny are saying goodbye to James and Albus as they leave for Hogwarts. It is Albus’s first year. Along with Albus, Hermione and Ron’s daughter, Rose also leaves for Hogwarts for the first time. On the train they meet Scorpious Malfoy, son of everybody’s favorite bad boy Draco Malfoy, and the two boys form an unlikely friendship . What follows then is a series of adventures using a time turner and everybody knows that bad things happen to wizards who mess with time. Two alternate realities are created. Basically there is just chaos. And yes, Voldermort has a daughter!

Things that I do not understand about the story are

  • Why give Draco such a tough time? He has already gone through as lot as it is.
  • Harry – Albus, Draco-Scorpious father son problems. Actually the entire story could have gone without it.
  • Where was James? Why wasn’t he supportive of his brother?
  • Whats with the calorie and sugar thing? Harry wouldn’t deprive his children of the best thing on earth!
  • Pigeons? Really? It’s a good thing they use owls to carry mail.
  • And finally, who is the cursed child? Harry? Albus? Scorpious? or Delphie?

All in all, I loved the plot. It was emotional, it was edge-of-the-seat exciting, it was like a blast from the past. I just wish I could see it live in front of me.

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