5 Tips for New Bloggers

So you have decided to start your own blog? You’ve seen it all over the internet, maybe a friend of yours has one and you can’t wait to jump right in to it. Maybe you love writing about things, about your day or about the latest book you read over the weekend. The reasons for wanting or starting a blog are numerous but what so many new bloggers don’t know is the time and work that goes into making one.

When I first started out I had no idea about blogging. With years of practice (I first started out in 2011) and doing and undoing blogs, with trial and a lot of errors, here is a rundown of what I learnt.

1. Get the name right.

My first blogs name was “The Bookshelf”. I had started out with an idea of wanting to write book reviews. The idea was pretty simple and the name fit right. I’d read a book and write a review on it and post it online. It worked great until I wanted to expand my niche. I wanted to write about seminars and workshops I attended. I wanted to write inspirational and lifestyle articles. But once you name your blog specifically for one niche, it gets hard to break out of that and expand. It’s always important to name your blog something abstract, something that wouldn’t necessarily push you into one certain type of blog post. Having the name “My Entangled Words” helps me to write on anything without having the audience forming an opinion on what to expect from my blog.

Make the name unique and something that is personal to you. Your blog is a part of you on the internet. Don’t try to be something you are not just for the sake of a jazzy name.

Don’t know what to name your blog? There are many name generating websites available online that give out a host of names for your to choose on.

2. Content matters.

After everything is said and done, the only things that is going to get people to visit your blog is your content. Know what you want to write about. Have an idea about your target audience. What kind of writing style are you going to maintain? What tone do you want your blog to give to your audience?

Be original with your content. Plagiarism is something you definitely don’t want to be accused off. Write quality content that you will be proud off.

Use eye catching titles and pictures but no click-bait. Nobody likes click-bait. Use pictures that are relevant to what you are writing about. NEVER use pictures for which you do not have the copyright. I know it is very easy to pick a picture off google and put it in your blog, not only is this stealing somebody else’s work but can also get you into legal trouble. I usually get my photos from free image websites like Pexels.

3. Social Media

The only way people are going to visit your blog is if they know about it. When I first started out I never used social media as a marketing tool. I’d write something with full enthusiasm but nobody would visit. It was only much later when I realized that no one will automatically visit your site and I began marketing myself. Put that link everywhere.

My favorite social media to use is Twitter. With accounts that retweet and hashtags it is a pretty simple tool as long as you know how to word yourself. Instagram is another social media that comes in helpful in marketing. Be consistent and active on social media and gain a following. This guarantees a steady viewership for your blog posts.

4. Planning your blog posts.

There will come a time when you are full of ideas. Note these down in that moment of inspiration. This is will come in helpful when you go through the writers-block phase. Whenever I think of an idea I make a note of it on my phone because it’s usually forgotten in a few minutes. All blogging platforms have the option to schedule posts in advance, this makes blogging easier especially if you have a ton of ideas that you want to write about but don’t have the time. Need inspiration during writers-block? Check Pinterest and create a board only for your blog The website is full of ideas, tips and tricks to help you get better at blogging.

5. Do not do it for the money.

I know there are many bloggers who make money from their blogs through sponsored posts, advertisements or affiliate links. But these are experienced bloggers who know the game and who have been blogging for years. If you are brand new to blogging do not only join for the money. Chances are you won’t make a penny. It takes hard work and patience to build content that people would be ready to pay money for. Blog because it is a passion and on the way you might make a buck or two.

Enjoy your blog and welcome to the blogsphere. Why did you start blogging? Have you learnt anything new about blogging once you started? Lets learn form each other.

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My Top 3 Tools for Blogging

It’s been a while since I first started blogging. My first blog was launched in 2012. Over time I have picked up a few tricks on how to manage my blog successfully. You can read about my blogging story where I talk about my journey on the platform.

Blogging is a great stress buster for me. Writing down my thoughts and talking about things that I like online makes me happy. But if not managed correctly blogging can get a bit boring and frustrating.

You might look at someones blog and wonder how did they get their blog looking in a certain way or how do they get good content to write about. Well, nothing good can get done without a little work put behind it right? And getting a blog post to look great is easy. All you need are the right tools.

Here are my top three tools that I use in my blogging.


Canva dash board

Canva is a great tool that can be used to create pictures for your blog. Its available both online and as a mobile app so it’s pretty accessible all the time. With pre set templates you can create different graphics for your blog and social media accounts. It’s really simple to use and can take a few minutes to create a design of your choice.


pinterest blog board

Pinterest is my go to site for research. If you ever need to read up on a certain topic you can find everything you need there. Blogging tips, photography tips, writing and editing tips, the website has it all. I spend most of my time browsing and pinning articles. The website is bursting with ideas that you can use on your blog.


keep notes google

Google Notes, Evernote or any Note taking app can be used to note down any idea you get for your blog. Sometimes when you are travelling or at work inspiration might strike. Being human, we mostly forget what we thought of earlier so use these apps to write it down as soon as you think of something.

I find noting down my ideas on my home extremely usefull as it gives me a list to look at during my writers vloc phase. I used to use my in built phone application to note down my ideas before I discovered Google notes. While you can use any note taking app to write down your ideas, I prefer to use this as it gets saved to my Google account. There is no chance of losing what you noted down earlier if you change your phone or reset it.

There are so many more tools available online to help you in your blogging. I hope this list helped you.

Tell me what tools do you use to make your blogging easier?

Top 3 blogging tools
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