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The world went into a frenzy when J.K Rowling announced an eighth story was in the works. As someone growing up during the Potter phenomenon, the news about Cursed Child was like music to my ears.

I had dreams that Rowling would release a series of books based on the next generation. I wanted to know how our favorite characters grew up. Then the news came that the eighth story would not be a book or a movie, but rather a play. A play that ran only in London and that I hope in the future would run worldwide.

NOTE: This post is going to contain minor spoilers. So proceed with caution. If you haven’t read the story yet then I advise you to stop right now. If you haven’t read it but still want to know about the plot then go ahead, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

There were a few reviews online that termed the “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” as a piece of fan-fiction. Or that the story wasn’t as interesting as the previous novels.Which is why we need to keep in mind that, J.K Rowling didn’t write it all by herself and that it is set as a play.

There were a few jumps between a few scenes, which as a reader of the script it could be hard to imagine the transition but apart from that the story is captivating and amazing.

Coming to how I got the book, I didn’t get the book as such. I was gifted the e-book by a friend. As someone who doesn’t really like reading e-books and who prefers the actual book it was going against everything that I believe a reading experience should be, but I was desperate to know the story and I read on. I found it more comfortable to read on my laptop rather on my smartphone. And trust me, reading it digitally was just as amazing.

Cursed child begins where Deathly Hallows ends, on platform 9 3/4. Harry and Ginny are saying goodbye to James and Albus as they leave for Hogwarts. It is Albus’s first year. Along with Albus, Hermione and Ron’s daughter, Rose also leaves for Hogwarts for the first time. On the train they meet Scorpious Malfoy, son of everybody’s favorite bad boy Draco Malfoy, and the two boys form an unlikely friendship . What follows then is a series of adventures using a time turner and everybody knows that bad things happen to wizards who mess with time. Two alternate realities are created. Basically there is just chaos. And yes, Voldermort has a daughter!

Things that I do not understand about the story are

  • Why give Draco such a tough time? He has already gone through as lot as it is.
  • Harry – Albus, Draco-Scorpious father son problems. Actually the entire story could have gone without it.
  • Where was James? Why wasn’t he supportive of his brother?
  • Whats with the calorie and sugar thing? Harry wouldn’t deprive his children of the best thing on earth!
  • Pigeons? Really? It’s a good thing they use owls to carry mail.
  • And finally, who is the cursed child? Harry? Albus? Scorpious? or Delphie?

All in all, I loved the plot. It was emotional, it was edge-of-the-seat exciting, it was like a blast from the past. I just wish I could see it live in front of me.

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  1. I didn’t read the article past the spoilers part yet, because I haven’t yet experienced this story, but I wanted it express: I wish they would bring this to more shows in America so we could experience it.

    1. I wish they’d bring the show global so that the rest of the world can experience the magic first hand. I hope you get to soon. I loved the story

    1. I first read Cursed Child 😂 I finished the first book last month. I’ve seen all the movies multiple times but never got around to reading the books

  2. I’ve read the play and enjoyed it but I’m disappointed that the play is do expensive and it’s 2 separate parts so double the price 😧 I’m hoping I’ll get there one day and be in a position to see it (ie kids not there)

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