My Top 3 Tools for Blogging

It’s been a while since I first started blogging. My first blog was launched in 2012. Over time I have picked up a few tricks on how to manage my blog successfully. You can read about my blogging story where I talk about my journey on the platform.

Blogging is a great stress buster for me. Writing down my thoughts and talking about things that I like online makes me happy. But if not managed correctly blogging can get a bit boring and frustrating.

You might look at someones blog and wonder how did they get their blog looking in a certain way or how do they get good content to write about. Well, nothing good can get done without a little work put behind it right? And getting a blog post to look great is easy. All you need are the right tools.

Here are my top three tools that I use in my blogging.


Canva dash board

Canva is a great tool that can be used to create pictures for your blog. Its available both online and as a mobile app so it’s pretty accessible all the time. With pre set templates you can create different graphics for your blog and social media accounts. It’s really simple to use and can take a few minutes to create a design of your choice.


pinterest blog board

Pinterest is my go to site for research. If you ever need to read up on a certain topic you can find everything you need there. Blogging tips, photography tips, writing and editing tips, the website has it all. I spend most of my time browsing and pinning articles. The website is bursting with ideas that you can use on your blog.


keep notes google

Google Notes, Evernote or any Note taking app can be used to note down any idea you get for your blog. Sometimes when you are travelling or at work inspiration might strike. Being human, we mostly forget what we thought of earlier so use these apps to write it down as soon as you think of something.

I find noting down my ideas on my home extremely usefull as it gives me a list to look at during my writers vloc phase. I used to use my in built phone application to note down my ideas before I discovered Google notes. While you can use any note taking app to write down your ideas, I prefer to use this as it gets saved to my Google account. There is no chance of losing what you noted down earlier if you change your phone or reset it.

There are so many more tools available online to help you in your blogging. I hope this list helped you.

Tell me what tools do you use to make your blogging easier?

Top 3 blogging tools

15 thoughts on “My Top 3 Tools for Blogging”

  1. You’ve provided some awesome tips! I could never figure out the Canva tool to save my life, but now I use Tailor Social to create my pictures. I love Pinterest too!

    1. Oh nice. There are many tools that can be used for editing pictures. I went through a lot of them when I had to design a invite for a college dinner. So glad you liked this post!

  2. Great post! I also use notes for when inspiration strikes. I also use Scrivener to plan my blog posts (when I actually plan haha)
    I STILL haven’t mastered Pinterest but I’ve been using it more and getting somewhere with it I think? Who knows haha

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